The program provides in the second and the third year specific subjects Project I and II. In these specific subjects students are motivated for solving real mechatronic tasks. The program is organized with the aims to give students solid theoretical and practical fundaments and also applicable knowledge if they intend to stop their education after the first bologna cycle. The  program is organized with the aims to give students solid theoretical fundaments and also  applicable knowledge if they intend to stop their education after the first bologna cycle. The  academic first cycle program Mechatronic “weights” 180 ECTS.     

The main subject‐specific competencies that can be obtained by the academic study

  • the ability to design complex mechatronic systems, machines and plants.
  • the ability to apply and develop methods and tools for modeling, optimization and
  • simulation of mechatronic systems.
  • the ability to devise, develop and apply the modern mechatronic production
  • technologies and concepts,
  • the ability for managing the current mechatronics production methods and
  • technologies, as well as their analysing, evaluating and modernising,
  • the ability to organise design and manage a mechatronic production process,
  • the ability to provide adequate quality of products through the implementation of
  • appropriate measurement and quality control,
  • the ability to assure measures for flawless operation, maintenance and
  • environmental compatibility of mechatronic systems,
  • the ability for interdisciplinary understand the activities in the production systems,
  • the ability to permanently develop skills and expertise by application of knowledge
  • on the specific professional area.
  • knowledge and understanding of historical development of mechatronics and its
  • disciplines etc.