Faculty history

The foundation of technical studies including those of machinery was set on 20th of October 1961 following the opening of Technical Graduate School in Prishtina. The school offered three main areas of study: Machinery, Electrotechnics and Construction.  

Attempts were made to open a Technical Faculty in Prishtina following four successful years of work of the Technical Graduate School. These attempts were a direct result of demand, need and significance of qualified staff of different technical profiles for the fast development of industry in Kosova.  

The Technical Faculty, containing only the Construction Department was opened on 9th of November 1965. School started on 10th of December 1965 and the 138 enrolled students were taught by 5 lecturers and 5 assistants. Lessons were conducted in two rooms with a capacity of 40 people each and also an auditorium of 202 seats. 

Development of teaching history in the Faculty of Machinery can be split into 6 phases each with its own specific characteristics:

The first phase (1967-1979) includes the period from foundation until 1979, a year when the Technical Faculty was transformed into Three Main Working Groups (TMWG).

The second phase (1979-1988) consists of the period from establishment of TMWG Machinery to the separation (full independence) of the Technical Faculty into three faculties including that of Machinery.

The third phase of development (1988-1991) starts from the independence of the faculty until 1991 when the faculty premises were forcefully confiscated by the police.

The fourth phase starts from 1991, when following a decision of organisms of the Republic of Kosovo and the University of Prishtina (UP), lessons would take place at home or other private premises.

The fifth phase is that of return to the Faculty of Machinery premises on 18.05.1998.

The sixth phase is being experienced currently where we moved from current system of education to an education system based on the Declaration of Bologna, the curriculum of which is explained later.

In 1982 the Faculty obtained new premises of 11.455 m2 which are dedicated to the needs of Machinery. In January 1985 the laboratories of Electrotechnics and Constructions were obtained with an area of 4.205 m2 and 5.650 m2, respectively.

Under new circumstances teaching was carried out successfully and prosperously as well as with fast steps. A great number of textbooks, book volumes, and exercise books or summaries of authorised speeches were written and published. These closed the gap of the teaching process, a gap that was felt especially amongst Albanian students.

On the 28th of September 1988 the Technical faculty was transformed for the second time in its life as a result of being split into three independent faculties: Faculty of Machinery, Faculty of Electronics and Faculty of Construction and Architecture.   

The current designation of the Faculty of Mechanical is the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME). The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is located in Str. Agim Ramadani, Technical Faculties Building, 10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.