Thermoenergetics and Renewable Energy

The thermoenergetics and renewable energy program is offered within the department that has the same name and aims to enable future students to acquire basic knowledge in the field of thermoenergetics and the field of renewable energy sources which are the main pillars of sustainable energy development and which enable the transition towards a low-carbon society. In view of this goal, this program will enable students to gain sufficient knowledge from fundamental fields such as Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics so that they can apply the fundamental principles of such fields to the needs of planning, design and calculation of efficient thermotechnical systems and renewable energy systems.

Studies from the Thermal Energy and Renewable Energy Program are organized at the Bachelor's and Master's level.

The program content in the Bachelor studies enables students to acquire an expanded base of engineering knowledge, skills and experience sufficient for individual and collective work for the solution of concrete problems in practice from the field of Thermoenergetics and Thermotechnics, as well as provides an adequate basis for continuing of further studies.

After successful completion of the Bachelor's basic studies, the student will be able to:

-Distinguish thermoenergetic and thermotechnical equipments, of renewable energies, and

know the processes that are carried out with them,

-Knows the fundamental disciplines from the field of thermoenergetics and renewable energies

-To be able to evaluate the importance, potential and economic use of different renewable sources (solar, wind, geothermal, water, biomass) as well as their integration in the general energy system

- Perform recording and thermal balance of buildings and other thermal consumers,

- Make designs related to heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning

- Compile the equipment maintenance and utilization plan of equipment

- To understand the nature and engineering aspects of the forms of conversion of renewable energy, as well as to get basic professional knowledge in the field of energy conversion and use.

Theroenergetics and renewable energy engineers can mainly work in /with:

- Thermal power plant,

- District Heating plant,

- Factories for the production of energy equipment,