Prof. Dr. Ahmet Shala

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Shala



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Since its establishment in 1967, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) has played an important role in preparing young engineers, especially in the field of mechanical engineering.

FME has had and continues to have a very important role in the economic development of the country through cooperation with the economy.

The Law, the Statute of the UP and the Regulations in force are the basis for actions and decisions in FME.

Students have always been and are part of decision-making at FME, through the Student Council and their representatives on the Study Commission and the Faculty Council.

FME's goal is to orient the learning towards student-centered methodology including interactive teaching.

Providing opportunities for all staff to contribute to improving the quality of teaching and learning is paramount.

Unreserved support of new staff for academic-scientific development, especially for doctoral studies is not lacking.

Highly appreciating the work done so far at FME, we continue to update studies in accordance with the labour market needs, the Bologna Declaration and the best practices of Western Universities.

Fulfilling the recommendations given during the accreditation & re-accreditation processes for all study programs is our obligation.

Timely preparation of the study program for programs that are not yet accredited is a must.

Based on the quality of the academic staff of FME, the current state of the laboratories and the possibility of cooperation with other European Universities, we do not see any obstacles in the accreditation of the PhD program, where we expect support from UP to recruit new academic staff.

Expanding the fields of cooperation with the economy is the purpose of the management and all the staff of our Faculty so that our knowledge and experiences are transferred to Kosovar businesses.


Thank you and welcome to FME

Ahmet (Rexhë) Shala, born on 17.10.1968 in Isniq-Deçan. He completed primary school in his hometown and high school at the Gymnasium "Vëllezërit Frashëri" in Deçan, program of mathematical-technical with programming, with excellent success. He enrolled at university in the academic year 1988/89 at the Faculty of Machinery in Prishtina, study program Production. For outstanding results in studies, he was awarded the "Distinguished Student" award. He was graduated on 15.10.1993 with the successful presentation of diploma thesis entitled: Consideration of the possibility of reducing mathematical operations of robot dynamics with the symbolic method. He registered master studies in the academic year 1995/96 in the study program "Mechanical Constructions with Mechanization" and he completed them on 11.07.1998 by successfully presenting his master thesis entitled: Comparative study of the use of Neural Networks in control of trajectory tracking of manipulator robots. He started PhD studies 20.02.2003 and on 08.04.2005 he successfully defended PhD thesis entitled: Control of kinematic and dynamic parameters using Fuzzy Neural Network Controllers in mobile robots. During his engagement in the teaching process he was teaching assistant for the courses: Statics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Oscillation Theory, Computer Programming, Technical Drawing and Applicative Software’s. From the academic year 2005/06 he is Lecturer for the courses: Applicative Software’s and Information and Communication in Traffic and Transport. From the academic year 2006/07 he was Lecturer in Master studies in the course: Fuzzy Neural Networks; Designing Mechanisms with Computer, Chapters selected from Dynamics.

In October 1994 he was elected Teaching Assistant and in September 2007 he received the academic title of Professor.

He is currently Teacher for courses: Informatics and Programming (Bsc), Applicative Software’s (Bsc), Technical Mechanics II (Bsc), Information and Communication Systems (Bsc), System Dynamics with Control (Bsc), Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms ( Bsc), Artificial Intelligence in Mechatronics (Msc).

For more details see his  CV: link and CV English

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