Purpose of the Master Program in Mechatronics - is a technical field that applies a system approach combining traditional engineering disciplines of Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. By integrating these disciplines makes it possible to create products with enhanced functionality and capabilities that were previously considered unachievable. The various disciplines are becoming more and more integrated, and Mechatronic systems are becoming smaller and more compact. These systems are being used more and more in the field of Micro-technology and in other fields, such as Medical technology. Mechatronics specialists have the necessary skills to consider a wide range of area of competence and effectively combine different aspects as needed. In other words, they can think outside the box, are suitable for working as project managers, or in research and development. The Master in Mechatronics aims to provide opportunities for students to explore Mechatronics and Robotics.

The program provides in the second year a specific subject Project where  students are motivated for solving real mechatronic tasks on relatively high level. These  projects works are normally extended into the master thesis. The university master program  Mechatronics “weights” 120 ECTS.      

At the end of the study program, the students will be able to:

  • To demonstrate a critical understanding of key theories and concepts related to Mechatronics;
  • Develop practical skills in the construction, design and implementation of Mechatronic systems;
  • Have practical knowledge in a range of applications and environments for Intelligent Automation, Digital Factories, Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing;
  • To work in the Automotive Industry, Micro Industry, Computer Industry for the effective implementation of Mechatronic Methods and Systems;
  • Become a qualified engineer in Robotics, Medicine, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering for Mechatronic applications;
  • Achieve skills for collaborative working group on Mechatronic Systems and projects;
  • Achieve skills in research planning, data collection, analysis and reporting.